Saturday, February 7, 2009

Not a Political Blog

My blog is just a place for me to clear my head. Not a political blog, just a venting one. I'm a nobody with dreams. My dreams include living without the worries of eviction, having my Son succeed in life after being dealt a shit hand in the military and after, and finding my way back to my home town of Wilmington, NC and being able to afford to live and die there. More than anything else, I'd love to have my enthusiasm for life back. I lost it somewhere between 1998 and 2003. Suicide isn't an option. I can't even afford to die. My life insurance policy is three months in arrears. I'll probably lose that soon.

I have simple needs. I don't have a credit card, don't drive a fancy car, have used furniture and my only expenses are Rent, Food, Electric, TV rental payment, life insurance and car insurance. Not much, right? I'm drowning.

I could give a rats ass about the people of Iraq, Afghanistan or any other country that can't find it's way out of a wet paper bag. Billions of dollars our country throws at others to help or assist, when it's own citizens could use that money in assistance. Why should we bleed for them? They sure as hell don't bleed for us. Gratitude don't pay the bills.

I, I, I. Me, Me, Me. Damn right. Who else knows more about a struggle than I do when similar circumstances are relevant?

With a friend, yesterday, we went out to a local hangout that makes their own beer. There was a great band there as well. It was free to listen, but the food (one salad and a chicken finger platter) and three beers a piece came to over $50. WTF? Oh well. I haven't been out like that and been able to relax in over three years. I woke up this morning with no headache, my back didn't hurt anymore and maybe that was just what I needed. Relaxation. I tossed the worries of the world aside for 3 1/2 hours and enjoyed myself for a change. I chair danced and then got a waitress to shove some tables aside to clear a spot to dance, and other people joined me on the make-shift dance floor, to shake off the week's problems for however long it would last.

The work week should be 30 hours a week. Period. Minimum wage should be $12 an hour or commission based (performance based) only. Period. No one has time for their families, relaxation, recreation (unless the are rich). The unions are bleeding our country dry. Sending manufacturing and other valuable jobs overseas. Whoever gave them power, anyhow? Where else would a union worker go to find employment if their demands weren't met? Whiners, I say! A bunch of spoiled rotten self entitled whiners that once they are tenured, sit on their ass and earn $50 an hour for reading a stinking newspaper. That is outrageous! It goes on every day at the GM plant in my area.

AFLCIO. Fuck wonks. Atheists for Leveling Christianity, Inspiration and Occupations. Civil rights? My ass. If I sign a permission slip for my child to spend 30 minutes learning of the history of Jesus Christ, who the hell are they to step in and say it is wrong. History is History. So they want to cherry-pick what gets in and what is left out? Screw them. Civil Liberties include my freedom of choice. Again, another friggin union-type that wants to undermine decency whenever a whiner that hasn't signed a permission slip whines about it just for the attention getting factor. The next thing they will be going after are etiquette classes. How DARE classes be taught on good manners? "MY KID SHOULDN'T HAVE TO BE AROUND SUCH THINGS!". Assholes.

I got an email blast from Newt Gingrich about forming some sort of coalition to disagree with everything we voted for.....change. Wasn't he an asshole to begin with? Arguing about everything that was good and laying down with the lobbyists for causes that best fed him and kept him well traveled? I blocked all future emails from that has been. What about CHANGE don't they understand? I guess he would prefer that we breathe the stale air from the past instead of get an infusion of opportunity. Speaking of stale air vs. fresh air, by all rights, Al Gore should have been our President for the last 8 years if the popular vote had anything to do with it. The Electoral College isn't that astute after all. Since when isn't the popular vote the deciding factor in an election? That is SO ANTI-DEMOCRACY.
Mr. President, look into that will you? There's something about the Electoral College that isn't quite right.

I'm done for now. Time to take a nap.
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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Warm and Buzzy

Iraq has held it's elections with little to no disasters. Women have even ran for office, taking on a brave new stake in their government. Although this is an "out of culture experience", having the desire to want to lead, spring forward into new ideas and maintain a solid democracy, is a sure sign of nobility.

Being an American, we often take these things for granted. The majority of the citizens who have the precious right to vote, do not. This past election of ours collectively brought out a mere 1% more, countrywide to the polls. That 1% is a large number and made the difference between the same old same old in Washington, and breathing a breath of fresh air into the country. Imagine the impact, if every citizen actually voted.

I suppose that those who didn't vote, didn't care. Perhaps they feel like many of us do, that regardless of who gets voted in, it still reflects taxation without representation, as the politicians that win, vote however their personal gut tells them to without regard to their constituents best interest at heart. As advanced as we are, the District of Columbia has yet to earn a Representative, yet they are still taxed. This is outrageous!

There seems to be a buzz now about how this administration will be different. We finally have a high tech President who uses the Internet to cast a large net of opinion gathering from the flocks of ordinary citizens. That is one noticeable difference among a sea of unusual, yet fresh activity at the White House. There are still disbelievers and those on the other side of the isle that would trip the new administration up just for cackles and grins. Thankfully, they do not hold the majority this time, and the best interest of the people will prevail, hopefully, in most cases.

Global Eyes
With the world watching, I wonder what they see? How do they view us? Is the proof that Americans have finally practiced what the preached and placed a man of color into the highest office in the land their new resolve to work with us? Or is it that anyone but Bush would do? China practically owns us. They have paid for the majority of the war expenses in Iraq. WTF is up with that?

The Price Of Liberty
We sit in our homes while losing our jobs, filing for unemployment and food stamps that merely make survival marginal, while the Wall Street Gurus get bailed out and pass out large bonuses to those who help put us here to begin with. Why give bonuses to those that lead to failure? In the absence of the bonus, where else will they go to work? It isn't as if another job is waiting for them in the shadows with the least of possibility of earning half of what they are already earning. So what if they don't get the bonus? Where would they go? If I were a betting gal, I'd bet they'd stay put and quit whining.

No Regrets, But Let's Be Real
In Iraq, their biggest moment of national pride is taking place. A new democracy, the right to vote, a new era of rebuilding. The ones who made it possible are on food stamps and unemployment back home. Ironic, isn't it? The military members who have protected them, trained them, helped to rebuild their country are the least of the earners in America. If any bonuses were to be paid out, it should have been to the American Military families. Particularly of E-5 and below. Please don't mistake that comparison or irony to be one of disgust. I'm all for any country who desires to have liberty and justice for all to have it. I think it is just time for whoever we help, to share the expense of it.

While most of us are warm in our homes, there are people in our country without electricity or homes, for that matter; living in shelters, standing in line at the soup kitchens and the number of children in foster care are in record numbers. There are those of us who have to decide between food or rent, medicine or mortgage, and living in the car or moving in with friends who don't really want you there. Times are tough all over. Jobs are scarce. A tax credit will take the next tax filing year to realize - we need money today. Any suggestions?

I decided long ago, that no matter the employment, I had to be doing good for others within it, or I wouldn't do it at all. This choice has been a tough one and has cost me much in monetary means. The compromise to do good though, has helped my soul stay welcomed into the kingdom I hope to reside in some day. I have worked for employers that openly ridiculed me in front of other staff, who have asked me to do fraudulent things in their behalf, who have asked me to lie to customers and coworkers and gone without paying me for weeks on end. I resigned each one of them. My refusal to participate in any of the above referenced situations has cost me dearly. The search for an overall honorable employer with an overall non combative staff has been a 31 year mission.

To Serve Or Not To Serve
My only honorable employer thus far has been the United States Coast Guard. I'm too old and fat now to ever go back, but for the youth of this country, the Coast Guard is now apart of the Department of Homeland Security. What a COOL place to be! In my day, it was the DOT. Now, more than ever, we need more guards on the borders, more rescues at sea, and more open shipping lanes kept open by the best of the best. There's nothing like chasing a cigarette boat in the Coast Guard's fastest jet boats and the smell of jet fuel in the morning! I loved it! There is always a job in the Coast Guard, and the rewards are spectacular. It was the Coast Guard who saved those in New Orleans from a miserable death. FEMA didn't do their part, but the Coast Guard always does. The uniforms are nice looking too!

My Son served 4 years in the Marine Corps. Another honorable service. He came out of it 50 +% disabled and can hardly make the rent. His back, knees and foot are ruined, which leaves him a difficult task to find additional employment where he doesn't need those three body parts in use every day. His foot was crushed by a Humvee in Motor T Convoy training preparing for deployment to Iraq. His own roommate ran over his foot as he served as a Ground Guide in torrential rains. I'm still steaming about that. Playing chicken with a million dollar Humvee with my Son at the front fender is not my idea of a Brotherhood of Honorable men. That's an entire other blog topic though.

The Army. Those brave and honoreded grunts. The first in and last out. It takes a cast iron set of balls to join the Army. These bands of warriors are the most in number and the least appreciated. Let it be said that I appreciate you! I am thankful every day that you all do what you do in the conditions that you do them in. I appreciate your families as well keeping the home fires burning for your safe return home.

The technology that is available to be trained in within any Military branch is mind boggling. Thing is, the kids graduating now can hardly spell or read. So much is available if the kids would pull up their pants, quit "putting out", put down the video games and hit the friggin' books.

Unfortunate as it is, the majority of those who join the military do so to escape poverty and are ill prepared mentally and developmentally for the tasks they will have to perform. The brave American Youth sign the contract, take the oath and go forth into death zones doing what they are told to do and pissing their pants all the while they are doing it. Being brave doesn't mean you aren't scared as hell out there. I take issue at our youth intentionally being used as IED Fodder.

Intentionally Using our Youth as IED Fodder
Science has proved that the brain of an 18 year old is not developmentally capable of signing such a contract to die for his country or for any other cause at that age. So why, since we know that, are they still allowed to join at age 18? 25 is the age when science shows is a more capable maturity to make such a decision. The majority of the military deaths in combat are those under the age of 24. This seems to bring to light that the science is real. When will the Department of Defense stop knowingly use our youth as IED fodder and change the age of enlistment to 25. Doing so, would encourage college attendance prior to combat fields, and result in a more mature military force that can make such a decision a more educated one.

If you are 25 at least, go to your local recruiter's office. Worried about being killed? Check out the Air Force and Coast Guard first. They are the safest branches. Why? In the Air Force, it is the Officers that go into combat. The enlisted crew stay on base for support. In the Coast Guard, you are always near the water and learn a more humanitarian approach to life. Saving lives, defending the borders and intercepting the illegals on sea and on land. Kudos to the Coasties!

What We Are Best Suited For
When I was younger, my Father told me that whatever type of job I went after, I had to really like it or it would not make for a good career. No truer words have ever been spoken! I'm 51. I still stick to my pledge that if what I do doesn't truly help people, I won't do it. In my next topic, I will go over the pros and cons of that with you. It's a goop of soup.

What are we best suited for? Those with an entrepreneurial spirit can't get loans to start a new business. Those that choose the work at home MLM or Consumer Direct Marketing Referral systems are labeled as scammers. (That's not true in at least 3 solid cases I know of). The best boss we can have is ourselves, yet we would fire ourselves if that rang true in most cases. Working from home brings about its own set of disciplinary restraints. Are we disciplined enough to get up and begin at 8am and work consistently until 5pm for our cause, or do we lack the stick-to-it-iveness to make sure we keep to a schedule?

So many work at home offerings on the Internet are not what they appear to be. The Nigerians have made scamming innocents in the United States their national goal in life via emails and part time job openings that bring the desperate into a losing situation and there's no way to prevent it. I know I haven't inherited millions from a long lost family member in Nigeria. Why don't you? There is no business on the face of the earth that needs someone from our country to deposit money into their personal account and then get a certified check to send somewhere else. Hello! VISA - it's everywhere you need to be! Don't fall for this crap. Desperate we may be, stupid we cannot be!

Back to the question, "what are we best suited for?". Think about it. Burn the fires of an entrepreneur in motion. Be creative! The part that we can do on our own in creating a new business that we love, can set many consumers in gear again.

Many look upon those who work from home as the lesser of the business people. I beg to differ. Those that work from home use the tools they have at the maximum level of creativity in order to earn enough to feed the family. Many companies such as the one I work for, offer an extremely good service to Merchants, and I didn't have to pay a dime to begin working. I'm fulfilling my goal to always be of help to others with full transparency. I love my job. It's commission only, but that is enough motivation to get me out there!

In this economy, many talented individuals can't afford pricey buildings (Brick and Mortar stores) and have found a unique way to offer quality products without carrying inventory. Listen to them. See what it is they offer. At least give them some time. Our economy depends on it.

If they are local, embrace a local representative that can offer you the service that has been missing from larger corporate firms. Get back to the neighborhoods and meet your fellow business people. Evoke a Small Business Co-op that isn't as costly as BNI.

There is so much potential in this country, your state, county, city and neighborhoods. Be warm with each other and start a business buzz. Form groups and bring back the bartering system (Trade for Services). Our country was founded on many of the concepts of neighborhood business co-ops. Let's put on our thinking caps and get back to the basics.

Stay Warm and Buzzy! Now go meet your neighbors!