Saturday, February 7, 2009

Not a Political Blog

My blog is just a place for me to clear my head. Not a political blog, just a venting one. I'm a nobody with dreams. My dreams include living without the worries of eviction, having my Son succeed in life after being dealt a shit hand in the military and after, and finding my way back to my home town of Wilmington, NC and being able to afford to live and die there. More than anything else, I'd love to have my enthusiasm for life back. I lost it somewhere between 1998 and 2003. Suicide isn't an option. I can't even afford to die. My life insurance policy is three months in arrears. I'll probably lose that soon.

I have simple needs. I don't have a credit card, don't drive a fancy car, have used furniture and my only expenses are Rent, Food, Electric, TV rental payment, life insurance and car insurance. Not much, right? I'm drowning.

I could give a rats ass about the people of Iraq, Afghanistan or any other country that can't find it's way out of a wet paper bag. Billions of dollars our country throws at others to help or assist, when it's own citizens could use that money in assistance. Why should we bleed for them? They sure as hell don't bleed for us. Gratitude don't pay the bills.

I, I, I. Me, Me, Me. Damn right. Who else knows more about a struggle than I do when similar circumstances are relevant?

With a friend, yesterday, we went out to a local hangout that makes their own beer. There was a great band there as well. It was free to listen, but the food (one salad and a chicken finger platter) and three beers a piece came to over $50. WTF? Oh well. I haven't been out like that and been able to relax in over three years. I woke up this morning with no headache, my back didn't hurt anymore and maybe that was just what I needed. Relaxation. I tossed the worries of the world aside for 3 1/2 hours and enjoyed myself for a change. I chair danced and then got a waitress to shove some tables aside to clear a spot to dance, and other people joined me on the make-shift dance floor, to shake off the week's problems for however long it would last.

The work week should be 30 hours a week. Period. Minimum wage should be $12 an hour or commission based (performance based) only. Period. No one has time for their families, relaxation, recreation (unless the are rich). The unions are bleeding our country dry. Sending manufacturing and other valuable jobs overseas. Whoever gave them power, anyhow? Where else would a union worker go to find employment if their demands weren't met? Whiners, I say! A bunch of spoiled rotten self entitled whiners that once they are tenured, sit on their ass and earn $50 an hour for reading a stinking newspaper. That is outrageous! It goes on every day at the GM plant in my area.

AFLCIO. Fuck wonks. Atheists for Leveling Christianity, Inspiration and Occupations. Civil rights? My ass. If I sign a permission slip for my child to spend 30 minutes learning of the history of Jesus Christ, who the hell are they to step in and say it is wrong. History is History. So they want to cherry-pick what gets in and what is left out? Screw them. Civil Liberties include my freedom of choice. Again, another friggin union-type that wants to undermine decency whenever a whiner that hasn't signed a permission slip whines about it just for the attention getting factor. The next thing they will be going after are etiquette classes. How DARE classes be taught on good manners? "MY KID SHOULDN'T HAVE TO BE AROUND SUCH THINGS!". Assholes.

I got an email blast from Newt Gingrich about forming some sort of coalition to disagree with everything we voted for.....change. Wasn't he an asshole to begin with? Arguing about everything that was good and laying down with the lobbyists for causes that best fed him and kept him well traveled? I blocked all future emails from that has been. What about CHANGE don't they understand? I guess he would prefer that we breathe the stale air from the past instead of get an infusion of opportunity. Speaking of stale air vs. fresh air, by all rights, Al Gore should have been our President for the last 8 years if the popular vote had anything to do with it. The Electoral College isn't that astute after all. Since when isn't the popular vote the deciding factor in an election? That is SO ANTI-DEMOCRACY.
Mr. President, look into that will you? There's something about the Electoral College that isn't quite right.

I'm done for now. Time to take a nap.
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